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05.12.2019 11:11:07

 Today, many large online bookmakers offer a lot of markets for the game. More than 100 markets are usually found in any match. You can bet on familiar markets such as Asian Handicap, Over / Under and Europe Handicap. Besides, there are other popular types such as: Correct Score, Half Time - Full Time, Double Chance, etc.
You must understand the meaning of these markets before you bet on them. To help you understand clearly, this article will summarize and explain the common types of football betting.
Asian Handicap
As the name implies, it originated from the Asian betting industry, but it has spread and is increasingly popular throughout the European countries. The most obvious difference from Europe Handicap is that Asian Handicap only have 2 options, no draw.
This is a handicap bet. In particular, when the level of both sides is not balanced, the stronger team will have the handicap of the weaker team for a number of goals. For example handicap 1 goal, handicap 1 and half goal, handicap 2 lose half goals etc.

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